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Saving Money on Makeup

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I am a frugal person for the most part.  The idea of paying 50 dollars for an eyeshadow palette makes me cry a bit inside.  I don’t think there is one palette in my collection that I’ve paid full price for.  A lot of people really give into the idea that they need the latest and greatest, but my first piece of advice to save your dollars is… Avoid the hype  Wait until the.. Read More

Kat von D White Out


You may see this concealer and think, what am I even going to use this for?  Why is everyone going so crazy on this stupid white out thing?  HERE IS WHY:  You can do OH so many things with this product..let me list them here for your reading pleasure. Lighten your foundation  Add a bit to whatever foundation you use when you are tan, or a foundation that is just simply too dark… Read More

What’s in my Bathroom


I always find it interesting what people keep in their bathrooms.  For myself, the makeup items in the bathroom are used on a near daily basis, at the very least weekly.  I keep the majority of my collection in my bedroom, because the steam from showers carries monstrous bacteria and you do not want that in your powder products! Urban Decay Primer Potion  Of course this is in my bathroom!  I use it.. Read More

5 Things I’ve Been Loving


I’ve been reading similar posts lately, one on the ever lovely From Roses, and other from Pint Sized Beauty, and I’ve really been enjoying them!  I thought I’d jump on it.  I actually (sadly) couldn’t think of 10 things to be really excited about, so I had to cut it down to five. Single Shadows  I have been really neglecting my palettes lately in favor of my single shadows.  I know a lot.. Read More

Halloween Look: Frankie Stein


Too soon for Halloween?  Never.  This was my Halloween look from last year.  I didn’t blog much last year during that time so I thought I would start this year off with a recap.  What I hate about online tutorials for Halloween is, yes, they look really cool, but you need lots of extras.  I like to use what I have in my collection already to create Halloween looks and basically, just keep.. Read More

Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss


The moment I saw this release I knew I wanted this eyeshadow to be mine.  The color oilslick just CALLED to me.  It looks a lot like Colourpop’s BAE which is one of my favorite shades to wear.  So I ran out and picked it up as soon as I could get my hands on it. Colourpop Bae on top, Butter London Oil Slick on bottom Oil Slick sheered/blended out The texture is.. Read More

Makeup Memories: Red Lipstick


Smell is one of the biggest triggers to human memory.  Olfactory memory is considered one of the strongest types of memory that we can reach.  When I was a young girl, I thought my grandmother was the greatest person to ever live.  The older I get, the more true that statement becomes.  My grandmother dropped out of school in the sixth grade to care for her younger siblings.  She decided to sell her.. Read More



This was a fun little hashtag going around on Instagram, check out my page here, created by these lovely ladies:  Nikki & Nika.  Basically, each day was a new color that you would show off your shadow collection with.  I tried to choose a different brand of shadow for each day, I was pretty close!!  Here’s a just a recap of a few really fun days of instagramming. Silver: Sephora’s Mermaid Tail Gray: Makeup.. Read More

The Summer Lovin’ Tag


I found this on this blog here:  Butterfly Culture : All the latest makeup reviews and looks.  I was just rummaging through the blog-o-sphere. Favorite Perfume  I recently wore Nest Dahlia and Vines and I got so many compliments I am totally making it my new scent and buying a full size!  THAT is a good sign of a good scent! Favorite Lip Color  Well this changes all the damn time…but for summer.. Read More

Makeup Menu: Concerts


Most of the makeup that has to do with festivals and concerts hit around the summer time.  However, for me, most of the concerts I’m interested in come later in the year, around fall.  There aren’t a whole lot of rock concerts in my area in the summer.  Aftershock comes in a few months, but I don’t think I will be attending because I’ve already seen a lot of the bigger bands that.. Read More